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Interview to Mr Willie Nile

EA - “Children of Paradise”, your new amazing album, was released earlier this year. You’re one of the few artists, who took a personal stand reminding us of the gentle souls left behind in a society that celebrates greed over compassion. And songs like “Earth Blues”, “Seeds of a Revolution” highlight your empathy for the people, and their struggles, but also for the world we live in. What was the genesis of this album, and where does the title “Children of Paradise” come from?  WN -  Thanks Elena for your kind words. The title was inspired by the 1945 French film “Les Enfants du Paradis”. It is often referred to as the “Gone With The Wind” of art films. It was always a favorite of mine from when I first saw it at the University of Buffalo. It still is. The notion that we are all children of paradise appeals to me. I think it’s true. Whether you’re rich or poor or in between shouldn’t matter when it comes to dignity. Everyone