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"There are designs, and icons. The well-known duo of genius creative directors at Hipgnosys Mr Storm Thorgerson, and Mr Aubrey Powell, as well as Jony Ivy at Apple, the artists Lucio Fontana, Magritte, the architect Zaha Hadid, the photographers Henri-Cartier Bresson, David LaChapelle, Helmut Newton, and many others, have been of great inspiration in my work, they have taken our society to a new level of consciousness, and self expression making important steps ahead  in the evolution of humanity." – Elena Arzani


I have been practicing as Art Director since 1993. My background is strongly informed by the experience gathered in Publishing Houses, Advertising, Fashion, and Music. 


Throughout the years, beginning my career as graphic designer, and I have become an Art Director in charge of the graphic department, I have covered all parts of the creative spectrum, performing specialized tasks, such as design services, publishing, advertising, branding, copywriting, digital illustration, visual, marketing, and digital communication. (Portfolio)


I hold a Master Degree of Arts in Design Studies (Central Saint Martin's, UAL, London), a PgCertificate in Academic Practice in Arts, Design, and Communication (University of the Arts London), and I am a Fellow Associate of the Highest Education Academy. These Academic qualifications validate my professional expertise in Arts, Design, and Communication.


As Art Director I am responsible for visual communication. (My methodology and job description)

Among my Clients/Collaborations:

Value Retail, Fidenza Outlet Village, Giancarlo Politi Editore publisher of Flash Art Italia + Flash Art International, Trevi Flash Art Museum, Flash Art Fair, Art Diary, TuttoRock, IAT Fidenza, Federazione Italiana Moda, NABA, Leo Burnett, Publicis Group, Omnia Store, Vodafone, Star, MundoCom, Republic, DeN Store, PFT System Vetriebs, Trevi Flash Art Museum, Flash Art Fair, Regione Lombardia, Zurich Insurance, BPM, RAS, Nuova Maa, Arcoshop, Helvetia Insurance, Unison, and more.




“Everyone has the right to doubt everything as often as he pleases and the duty to do it at least once.

No way of looking at things is too sacred to be reconsidered. No way of doing things is beyond improvement.”

Edward De Bono

Manuale del Denim

"Jeans Stories" - The book of Denim, and its launch with fashion exhibition.

In collaboration with NABA, Italian Federation of Fashion, and Den Store.

TIG jewelry

Creation of the corporate + brand identity in whole. Photo shooting, graphics, contents and website supervision.

Flash Art

Flash Art International, as well as Flash Art Fair, Art Diary, Trevi Flash Art Museum, Praga Biennial, and all other publications of Giancarlo Politi

Publishing House

DeN store

Corporate Identity + Den Store fashion lines Brand Identity. Fashion Catalogues, BTL communications for all branched shops, website,

e-commerce, special events. 

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Fidenza Outlet Village

BTL/ATL Communication, printed materials+graphics for special events, press advertising on national newspapers, magazines, urban design, shopping windows, and website.

Music Albums

Cover albums, booklet, photo shooting, digital marketing communication on social networks.

Visual Identity consultancy


Visual Identity is a powerful tool to shape cultures, like the Italian artist, Giorgio Gaber, once wisely said:

   "There are two kinds of artists: those who are satisfied by earning some cash, and those who want to make history"

Likewise, there are designs and icons. I personally seek opportunities to challenge the status quo.

Beginning with the analysis of the Client’s brief, my designs focus on the communication of the brand essence and values, incorporating elements of color theory, technical writing, visual culture, and marketing. While ensuring the correct transmission of the brand and corporate identities’ heritage, I pursue innovations, through the delivery of concepts and designs by a heightened sense of style, fostering inclusivity, sustainability, equality, and diversity. Being a creative person, an expert in media communication with transferable skills, my best ability is to identify the particular aspects that can make either a company or a person, unique. 


Accordingly to the project I am working on, I can be involved in the creation of layout, design style and images for magazines, catalogs and other printed materials, interiors/shops, corporates, and brand identity, urban designs/city decorations, product packaging, and video productions.


I create the overall design, and the strategic approach analyzing the brand marketing data, trends, previous visual communication, and the brand story. a I then guide the graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and copywriter, as well as other people involved in the project, through different stages from the development of artworks or layouts, to photo shootings, video production, and advertising campaigns. Working in close collaboration with marketing, retail, and digital departments towards the final execution of the project and its launch into the market. This task involves planning both web/social networks visual strategies and promotional campaigns. In my methodology, the research plays a key role, and I nurture a positive hunger for knowledge, as well as fostering the promotion of culture, I am keen on new technologies, which I often include and implement in my projects. 


My areas of expertise are Publishing Houses, Advertising, Contemporary Arts and Photography, Design, Fashion, and Music.