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Myself at work at MUDEC - Museo delle Cu


I am both a commercial and fine art photographer 


The very first time I set my hands on a reflex camera, I was 13 years old, and I could not resist the fascination of photographing the superabundant snowfall of that year. From that moment onward, photography has been one of my greatest passions, as far as becoming my profession. In my creative practice, I deal both with commercial and fine art photography. The first one is designed to meet the Clients' need and the editorial requests, whereas in fine arts, and through personal exhibitions, I develop my own conceptual vision of the subject.


PORTFOLIO | I work under assignment directly collaborating with Artists, Agencies, Editorials, shooting both outdoor, and in the studio. Main subjects are Special events, Catwalks, Red Carpet Celebrities, Live music performances/concerts, Fashion Catalogues, Lookbook, Artistic Portfolios, Booklets, Album cover, Live Events, Exhibitions, Architecture, Landscape/travel, and Street photography. I am also available for weddings and ceremonies.

PUBLICATIONS & COLLABORATIONS | Among my present and past collaborations: Artribune; Flash Art; Segno; Juliet; La Gazzetta dello Sport; Ticino Online;; Tutto Rock; Music Attitude;; Frattura Scomposta Contemporary Art Magazine; The Front Row; Metal in Italy; Metal Hammer Italia; Drumset Mag, and many others. My images have been chosen and published by many music bands, Concert Agencies, and musicians such as Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater); Rufus Taylor (The Darkness); Simple Minds; Indipendente concerti; Mogar Music; Zildjian; etc.

Scope Art Fair Miami "With over 75 art fairs spanning more than 15 years, SCOPE is celebrated as the premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming. Renowned for its uncanny ability to forecast new visual trends that are embraced globally, SCOPE Art Shows garner extensive critical acclaim and over 500 million annual impressions across print, digital and television. With cumulative sales well over one billion dollars and attendance of 1.2 million visitors, SCOPE Art Show is the largest and most global emerging art fair in the world."


brief resume


I began to practice as a creative professional in Italy my Country of origin and after achieving my Master degree in Arts, at Central St. Martin's I started to work internationally. In 2000 I took part in the Exhibition 'Work in Progress' at Central St. Martin's College of Arts and Design, presenting my artwork 'Elena's Eye', that was featured together with my interview on Channel 4 (UK), and in the Central St. Martin's Prospectus 2001, 'Think'.


In 2003 'Agora' Gallery', New York presented my work describing it as having 'a heightened sense of style and perspective.'

On that year, touching the cities of London, Milan, Pesaro, and Istanbul, I curated and participated in the traveling exhibition "SELF".

In 2005, I was invited to take part in the collective "Amici miei" organized by Placentia Art Gallery together with Gian Carlo Politi, during the Bologna Flash Art Fair, also starring Vanessa Beecroft, Maurizio Cattelan, and many other prestigious artists. In 2007 I won the second prize for photography in the Medium Magazine contest and has been featured by "Frattura Scomposta" as a special guest artist. Also published within the special edition magazine "PhotoIgienico", and "Photo Italia".


A great number of my photographs was hosted by the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice. In 2008, I had my digital creations "Beyond Self" displayed at "Milan/London 69" - Seregno. In 2013 a selection of my photographs was chosen for publication on the online portfolio at In the same year, and in 2014 I participated in 2 collective exhibitions at "Museo Archinti", Lodi, and I took part in the Festival of Digital Art "Unpainted Words" at ArtMeet Gallery, in Milan. In 2015 my work was featured by Frattura Scomposta Contemporary Art Magazine. In December 2015 my artworks have been exhibited at Scope Art Fair 2015 Miami, within the Collective "The Beauty of humanity" by SEE|ME Gallery NYC. In 2006 my photographic project "Loss" was selected to be featured on Google Culture's web platform. From 2016 to present times, some of my photographs have been published within artists' books, their music albums, and concert tour's campaigns. Among those Mr. Jordan Rudess (Megadeth), Mr. Rufus Taylor (The Darkness), Mr. Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies, Burning Rains), and more.