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From Top to bottom: Mr Doug Aldrich, myself, and Mr David Lowy, guitarists of The Dead Daisies. The photographer Mr Paolo Roversi, and myself.


Art & Music are the colors & sounds of my world!

The very first time I received public recognitions for my talent as a writer, I was only 11 years old. That year I won a National Prize for Poetry in Italy. During my career as Art Director, I often took care of copywriting aspects too. I am an editor internationally established and I work across multiple disciplines of contemporary culture. Being a strong researcher and innovative practitioner, my set skill allows me communicating with specialists in the areas of Music, Contemporary Arts at large, Fashion, Design, and Cinema. 


I collaborate internationally with several Press Magazines, Museums, Art Galleries and Academic Institutions, Musicians and Record Labels, among which: Artribune; Shades of Noir (Academic Association based in London, UK); Marmo; Chitarre.com; (Art director) of TuttoRock ; Critica Letteraria; Music Attitude; Metalitalia; The Front Row; Metal in Italy; Metal Hammer Italia; Ticino Informa; Frattura Scomposta Contemporary Art Magazine; Drumset Mag.

If you fancy reading any of my articles, or watching an interview of mine, navigate through the top bar menù to select the areas of interest, and options available. However, please note, that except for a few interviews written in English, articles are mainly published in Italian language.