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Publications of my photographs and articles

Steady collaborations with several Academic Associations, UAL, and International Magazines. From 2015 to 2020 more than 500 between my articles, interviews, reviews and photo reportages, have been featured by: Shades of Noir (Academic Association), University of the Arts London, and magazines such as Artribune, Grandi Mostre, Frattura Scomposta, Marmo, TuttoRock, The Front Row, Critica Letteraria, Metal Hammer, Chitarre, Rockol, Drumset Mag, Metal in Italy, Metalitalia, Loud and Proud, Music Attitude, and Ticino Informa.

Moreover, during the same length of time, my Photographs and designs, have been featured by hundreds of World rewarded musicians on their networks.


2020 - Featured by BASE Milano (Talk with R. Montgomery)

2020 - Featured by Arte Magazine

2020 - Featured within the Celebrity handbook

2020 - Featured by MenteLocale Magazine

2020 - Featured by Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia

2020 - Featured by Artribune / Grandi Mostre (Mollino / Coll. Maramotti)

2020 - Interviewed by Le Zebre a sonagli - Radio Podcast (Dec. episode)

2020 - Interviewed by Onde Podcast (Episode No. 13)

2020 - Featured by MetalItalia Magazine

2020 - Featured on DRUSO website (Gus G)

2020 - Interviewed by Anna Vittoria within the project "Ritratti Isolati"

2020 - Featured by Shades of Noir within the ToR: Inclusive Practice:

            Alchemy - Transformation in Social Justice Teaching

2020 - Featured by Danyhella Music Production

2019 - Featured by Metalitalia; Artribune; TuttoRock; Critica Letteraria

2019 - SNAM conferences and workshops in Milan-Paris-London

2019 - Featured by PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) on their channels

2019 - Aglatech14, company website

2019 - Featured on Richard Ashcroft's online channels

2019 - Featured by Shades of Noir, Academic Association, London, UK

2019 - Featured by The Dead Daisies band on their official website

2019 - Featured on Doug Aldrich's online channels

2018 - 11 Jul 2018 UAL Attainment Conference at LCF

2018 - Featured by Shades of Noir, Academic Association, London, UK on

            its website, and networks: Theaster Gates video interview, Frieze Art Fair

            Photo Reportage; Article on English as second language.

2018 - Adv Indipendente Concerti/Live Nation booking Agency for Simple Minds

            Italian leg of the European Tour
2018 - “Live at Hammersmith” album by The Darkness

2018 - Featured by musician Cherisse Osei

2018 - Featured by RockOL Magazine (Franz Ferdinand and National)
2018 - Featured on The Darkness website

2018 - Featured by Blabbermounth Magazine (Jordan Rudess)

2018 - Featured on Artribune paper edition Jan.Feb 

2018 - Featured on La Fedeltà di Fossano Newspaper

2018 - Featured by Radio Emotions

2018 - ItalStage Jamiroquai Image for Catalogue

2018 - Photo Shooting, and designs published within the new music album

            by Arbitrio Libero, and band's networks 

2018 - Photo Shooting, and designs published by Tessilgar, Rock Band

2018 - Featured on The Pink Floyd exhibition networks

2018 - Featured on SKIRA editore networks

2018 - Featured by Nord News DE within the article about Mr Jordan Rudess

2017 - Photo Shooting, Advertising, and designs of TIG jewelry website 

2017 - Featured by Finanza Online

2017 - Featured by Milano Post Magazine

2017 - Featured on David Bowies Is exhibition networks

2017 - My Photo of Mr  Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) featured on “Push Turn

            Move” book by Kim Bjorn

2017 - Featured on Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) website
2016 - Featured on Planethard website

2016 - Featured on Drumset Magazine - Photographs to comment on the

            Interview with Abe Cunningham / Deftones
2016 - Featured on Anewrage website

2016 - Featured by Metal Hammer (Jane's Addictions)

2016 - Featured on David Navarro and Perry Farrell's online channels

2016 - Featured by Babylon Magazine

2016 - Collective Art Exhibition on Google Cultural Institute

2016 - Cover of the book “Canazza”by Parsifal Xotta

2016 - SS/FW Fashion Catalogues for DeN store/Unison, Maleo, IT

2016 - Interviewed by Metal in Italy, and featured within the Magazine website

2015 - Photo Shooting, and designs of RainVeil's "Verse Zero" music album

2015 - Photo Shooting, and designs published by Over the End, Rock Band

2015 - SS/FW Fashion Catalogues for DeN store/Unison, Maleo, IT

2015 - Collective Art Exhibition “The Beauty in humanity”, Scope Art Fair, Miami 2015 - Featured by the Magazine Frattura Scomposta

2014 - SS/FW Fashion Catalogues for DeN store/Unison, Maleo, IT

2014 - Featured by Exibart Magazine
2014 - Collective Art Exhibition “Monumenti Perduti #2”, Museo Archinti, Lodi 2014 - Collective Exhibition “unpainted World”, Artmeet Gallery, Milan

2013 - SS/FW Fashion Catalogues for DeN store/Unison, Maleo, IT

2013 - Collective Art Exhibition “Pulci d’autore”, Museo Archinti, Lodi
2013 - Photo Portfolio on
2013 - Designs, and feature on “Memorie di una Vagina”, and “Vaginight”

            auction in aid of people affected by AIDS, and the scientific research

2013 - Several BTL materials for Regione Lombardia, IT

2013 - Interior Designs / Stands for Fairs for Regione Lombardia, IT

2012 - SS/FW Fashion Catalogues for DeN store/Unison, Maleo, IT
2011 - “Jeans Stories”, Manuale del Denim, by Federazione Italiana Moda, Naba,

            and DeN store, Milan
2011 - SS/FW Fashion Catalogues for DeN store/Unison, Maleo, IT

2009 - IAT Fidenza at Fidenza Outlet Village interior designs

2009 - Value Retail/Fidenza Outlet Village advertising materials, and

            urban/interior designs of “100 years of Giro d’Italia”
2009 - Value Retail/Fidenza Outlet Village advertising materials of “100 years of

            Giro d’Italia”, featured on “La Gazzetta dello Sport”
2009 - Almost a hundred features of Fidenza Village, and Value

            Retails advertising campaigns on websites, magazines and newspapers
2008 - Collective Art Exhibition at “London 69”, Seregno
2008 - Published by Enzine “Medium Magazine”
2007 - 2nd winner up “The Creative Graduate Prize”
2005 - Published by Medium Magazine, London (U.K.) Issue no. 2 online
2005 - Published by, Italy. online artists’ web catalogue
2005 - Catalogue Bologna Flash Art Show
2005 - Collective Art Exhibition “Amici Miei” by Placentia Art Gallery, and G. Politi 2005 - Alumni Bulletin – CSM – London
2005 - Catalogue studio Architetti, Milano
2004 - (From 2003 to 2005 all publications of Giancarlo Politi Publishing House,

            Milan, IT) – Flash Art/Flash Art International
2004 - Flash Art Cover: digital manipulation: M. Cattelan artwork July/Sept

2004 -‘Milano Flash Art Fair’ adv published by ‘Segno’ no. March 2004
2004 -’Milano Flash Art Fair’ adv published by ‘[Crudelia?]’ no. March 2004
2004 -‘Milano Flash Art Fair’ Catalogue/Posters/misc.(Giancarlo Politi Ed.)
2004 -‘Giancarlo Politi Editore’ adv published by Tema Celeste no. Feb. 2004
2004 -‘Linea Umbra_02’ Catalogue (Trevi Flash Art Museum-Italy)
2003 - Invited to join the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation’s Archive in Venice

2003 - Displayed by Agorà Gallery, New York
2003 - Featured in Photo Italia – no. Dec 2003

2003 - Featured by Central St. Martin's UNI bulletin
2003 - ‘SELF’ Catalogue (Italy-Turkey)
2003 - Catalogue Omnia Store, Milano
2002 - Featured in the St. Martin’s Prospectus 2002:’THINK’
2002 - Catalogue and shooting jewelry designer C. Kotsilelou
2001 - Collective Art Exhibition “Work in Progress” at C. St. Martin’s, London

2001 - ‘Work in Progress’ ads for College St. Martin’s
2001 - Designs for “Lawyers online”, York